Clearly Local Media

We're Local Chilliwack Business Owners

About Clearly Local Media

Clearly Local Media was established to provide give voice to the ‘little guy’. We promote locally-owned businesses and messaging to help community relationships and economies thrive. When consumers take notice of the 'local' flavour of our advertising, they realize that buying from your business helps build their own community. And that just feels good!

In order for local communities to flourish, we realize that the selection of the advertisers and the products and services they promote on our billboards, matters. For this reason, our Terms of Use outlines how we strive to support positive messaging that is suitable for all audiences.

Clearly Local Media helps provide our customers with the ability to leverage technology, location and exposure to grow their business or further their cause. We understand marketing and have the technology and creativity to help you establish brand authority through powerful, consistent messaging and make your local campaign a success!